New blended courses launched

Digital learning is in the wind like never before. Increased efficiency, sustainable measures and being able to reduce cost, is some of the factors people consider to be important in order to succeed. The covid-19 pandemic has forced us to think more innovative than before, and we undoubtedly see the value of developing our digital course offerings.

With this in mind, our main focus to date, have been to digitalize refresher courses according to STCW. These are combination courses which consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. The course participants finish the theroetical part at home as e-learning, before they participate in the practical part at our training facilities.

We have now launched the new STCW….. with e-learning. The courses have previously done over three (machine) and five (dekk) days. In the combination courses one only has to complete the practical part at the training facilities, and the duration of the course is shortened to respectively one and two days. We still offer the option of completing the course like previous, with three and five days at the training facilities.

Nå lanserer vi nyheten STCW VGS oppdateringskurs for maskin- og dekksoffiser med e-læring.

Booking is done as usual via our website. Here one can also find dates for the practical parts. The course participants gets assigned the e-learningcourse about two weeks before the practical part. Professional guidance and support is offered for the e-learning courses should the need arise. We have emphasized that the courses should be interactive and pedagogically structured with principles for learning in focus.

Overview of the combination courses we offer:

• Begrenset Sikkerhetsopplæring
• STCW Grunnleggende Sikkerhetsopplæring (GSK)
• STCW Grunnleggende Sikkerhetsopplæring oppdatering
• STCW – F Grunnleggende Sikkerhetsopplæring for fiskere
• STCW – F Grunnleggende Sikkerhetsopplæring for fiskere oppdatering
• Oppgradering fra NOG GSK til STCW GSK
• STCW VGS oppdateringskurs for maskin- og dekksoffiser
• HLO – farlig gods

NB! The courses above are completed in Norwegian.

See an overview of all our courses here. 

Foto: MariusLtu / iStock