Course developer e-learning (freelance)

ASK eLearning wants to get in touch with people who can do freelance assignments within course development, mainly e-learning.

Primarily we want to enter into agreements with persons who are familiar with, or have access to, professional expertise within the following areas:

  • Aquaculture, including wellboats, service vessels, fish farms, fish processing and fish welfare.
  • Maritime industry, STCW code, ISPS, ISM, ASH, but additional subject areas might also be relevant.

The assignments consist of gathering subject matters to respective courses. This can include plain text files, images and video material. All material must be developed digitally.

It is preferred, but not a requirement, that the candidates have experience with the software system Articulate.

Get in touch at if this is something for you.

kursutvikler e-læring freelance
Foto: Scott Graham / Unsplash